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Black ‘n’ Wood Nixie Clock Soldering KIT (v2) Newsletter Signup

We are working on a new version of our popular Black ‘n’ Wood Nixie Clock Soldering KIT. It will be available for sale in July, if everything goes smoothly.

Improvements over the old version of the clock:

  • New version will have ~50 through-hole parts to solder (versus 100+ parts to solder in old version)
  • Lower price compared to old version
  • Other performance tune-up, and improvements.

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Thank you!

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Meet us at Bay Area Maker Faire, May 18-20, 2018

  • Wanna put your hands on our pretty clocks and take a closer look?
  • Wanna see the vintage clocks in our collection but not for sale?
  • You have some questions about nixie tube clocks and wanna ask us in person?
  • Even better, you wanna a discount on our clocks, which were never offered online?

Meet us at the SF Bay Area Maker Faire, May 18-20, 2018

We attended the Maker Faire last year and talked many nixie enthusiasts. We are eager to meet you this year too!

We will update you our booth number once it’s available.

Stay tuned ~~~

Selected clocked we will bring to the Maker Faire

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Private Discounts on Some of our Nixie Clocks

Thank you for visiting this site. And congrats on unlocking your private discounts on some of our clocks.

It’s super simple! Just send an email to and ask for discount for a clock you want*.
And we’ll reply in 24 hours, usually in 2 hours 😉

Better prices than eBay/Amazon, only at

* Only some of the clocks are eligible for this discount. Please ask. Thanks.

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Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Introduction

Vacuum Fluorescent Display technology was invented in 1950s. In 1959, Philips made the first vacuum fluorescent indicator ever. Shortly after that, in 1962, the very first single-digit VFD digital display component was made in Japan. After LED started to take over, VFD has been becoming outdated since 1990s. But it is still being used in many applications nowdays.

Instead of the appearance of a tube, it is implemented in flat and high resolution form. VFD is widely used in automotive, high-end instruments, hi-fi audio, and smart devices, thanks to its advantages, including high brightness, unique color, high customizability, and not requiring backlight. You will mostly probably have seen them in a car audio display, Blu-ray player, benchtop multimeter, supermarket cash register, etc.