【Omnixie Nixie Tube Clock】2018 NEW RELEASE!

We are very proud to announce a brand new product line, Omnixie.

* the nixie tubes are interchangeable among 6 types of nixie tubes
* connect to wifi to keep time accurate all the time.

Nixie Tubes Options:

  • IN-14
  • IN-8-2
  • Z570M
  • ZM1080
  • NL5441
  • NL841

It has a WIFI module built-in, so that it can be controlled using your smartphone (any smartphone with a web browser).

These will be released on a scheduled pace. And today, we have the 1st product available.

Omnixie IN-14

It’ll be available for sale in Jan 2018. Email me if you are interested 😉

Check out the photos below.

3 Different Woods for the base:

  • Ebony, 黑檀
  • Beech, 榉木
  • Bamboo, 竹子

Setup pages on a smartphone (iOS, Android, etc.)


Box Dimension:
12.5” x 4.5” x 3.75”
318mm x 115mm x 95mm

Package Contents:
– The Omnixe Clock
– 5V Power Adapter
– microUSB cable
– Remote


Free PCB ruler for our Amazon customers

If you have purchased our clocks from Amazon, here is how you can get a FREE premium quality PCB ruler.

1) Log into Amazon, find the nixie clock order, and click “Leave seller feedback”.

2) Write your honest review. It can be just a few words.

3) Send us an email with your Amazon ID.

That’s it. We’ll send you a PCB ruler for FREE.


We are on Amazon!

Pre-sale and after-sale questions, please email aiden@nixie.ai

More products are coming onto Amazon. See the updates below. – 12/1/2017

Currently we have 5 products/variations on Amazon, and more are coming.

Image result for amazon prime logo

We are proud to announce that, our products are for sale on Amazon.com in the US.

1. IN14 Nixie Clock



2. IV-11 VFD tube clock (DIY Kit and Assembled versions, with same appearance)

DIY Kit Version: (soldering required)


Assembled Version:


3. NCH8200HV (Amazon Prime)


Comparison of two high voltage modules

4. NCH6100HV (Amazon Prime)


Comparison of two high voltage modules


IV-11 VFD Clock v2 (NCH-C-IV11K2)

Both DIY Kit and Assembled versions are Available for Sale Now (from Aug 2017)


Five years ago, I designed the 1st version of the IV-11 VFD clock. It has been popular in the past 5 years all over the world, especially in North America, Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia.

In addition to the fully-assembled version of the IV-11 VFD clock, a DIY kit version of the clock was also made available for DIYer. With all components being through-hole parts, the DIY kit is very easy to assemble, pretty friendly to general DIY fans. A basic soldering station and some patience are the only things needed for the assembling. No professional tools are required. In the process, DIYers can practice their soldering skills and enjoy the fun of making, as well as learn electronics along the way. Once done, they will have a classic clock to love and enjoy. That’s why it has been so popular.

In these years, our buyers have shared their stories, suggestions and comments through email from all around the world. We received a lot of emails from different countries and regions.

Five years passed by. Now it is time for a new toy, the version two of the IV-11 VFD clock.

The newly-designed IV-11 VFD clock

Here I will start with a brief introduction of VFD display technology and IV-11 VFD tube characteristics, and then initroduce the new IV-11 VFD tube clock, finally I will detailed the differents of new version and previous version.


(To Be Updated)


Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Introduction

Vacuum Fluorescent Display technology was invented in 1950s. In 1959, Philips made the first vacuum fluorescent indicator ever. Shortly after that, in 1962, the very first single-digit VFD digital display component was made in Japan. After LED started to take over, VFD has been becoming outdated since 1990s. But it is still being used in many applications nowdays.

Instead of the appearance of a tube, it is implemented in flat and high resolution form. VFD is widely used in automotive, high-end instruments, hi-fi audio, and smart devices, thanks to its advantages, including high brightness, unique color, high customizability, and not requiring backlight. You will mostly probably have seen them in a car audio display, Blu-ray player, benchtop multimeter, supermarket cash register, etc.


IN14 Nixie Clock (NCH-C-IN14A1)

Available for Sale Now (updated Aug 2017)

Fully assembled and tested. (Kit version not available.)





Comparison of QS-18-12 and IN-14




And the unique font face of IN-14 tube:


The PCB board before installing IN-14 tubes


Bottom side of the PCB


Pin definition of GPS plug (3.5mm, same as audio)


QS-18-12 has 12 pins, while IN-14 has 13 pins.




3mm neon lamp as the colon symbol


One neon lamp on top of another, to form the colon.


And more fabulous photos: