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【Omnixie Nixie Tube Clock】2018 NEW RELEASE!

5/21/2018 Update: All models are in stock, except model AX. See chart below

To get your clock, you can:

Get a FREE PCB ruler when you place your order with us. (While supplies last!)

They sell really fast! So if you are interested, contact me now!


We are very proud to announce a brand new product line, Omnixie.


  • * the nixie tubes are interchangeable among 6 types of nixie tubes
  • * connect to wifi to keep time accurate all the time.

Nixie Tubes Options:

  • IN-14
  • IN-8-2
  • Z570M
  • ZM1080
  • NL5441
  • NL841

They are full assembled, fully tested and ready to use out of the box. We do NOT offer DIY KIT version for these clocks.

It has a WIFI module built-in, so that it can be controlled using your smartphone (any smartphone with a web browser).


Omnixie Clock v1.0.0 User Manual English

Chinese 简体中文:
Omnixie Clock v1.0.0 User Manual Chinese 简体中文

Some of the models are available for sale NOW. Email me to get more details if you are interested 😉

Wood Case Selections

3 Different Woods for the base:

  • Ebony, 黑檀 (Left in the image below)
  • Beech, 榉木 (Right in the image below)
  • Bamboo, 竹子 (Middle in the image below)

From Left to Right in the above image: Ebony, Bamboo, Beech


Please provide the model in the parenthesis while placing your order.

Product Photos

In the above image, from Left to Right:
(1) NL841 (2) NL5441 (3) IN-14 (4) IN-8-2 (5) ZM1080 (6) Z570M

Setup pages on smartphones

(iOS, Android)

Product Dimensions and Contents

Box Dimension:
12.5” x 4.5” x 3.75”
318mm x 115mm x 95mm

Package Contents:
– The Omnixe Clock
– 5V Power Adapter
– microUSB cable
– Remote

Please provide the model in the parenthesis while placing your order.

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