Omnixie Plus for IN-18/Z566M is finally coming

Omnixie Plus

Omnixie has been very popular in the nixie clock community. Now it’s big brother, Omnixie Plus, is coming to town in May 2019.

Omnixie Plus has the same features as Omnixie, with larger clock body to support large tubes, including IN-18, Z566M, Z5660M, ZM1040, ZM1042.

In other words, Omnixie Plus will have two flavors, which differs in socket type only. One socket is RSH31, used by IN-18. And the other socket is B13B, used by Z566M, Z5660M, ZM1040, ZM1042, etc.

And even better, the colons are removable! So if you ever need to remove all the tubes and colons, the clock body will be super slim, about 1/2 inch thick!

Keep an eye on our website if you are interested in it!

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We are working on a new version of our popular Black ‘n’ Wood Nixie Clock Soldering KIT. It will be available for sale in July, if everything goes smoothly.

Improvements over the old version of the clock:

  • New version will have ~50 through-hole parts to solder (versus 100+ parts to solder in old version)
  • Lower price compared to old version
  • Other performance tune-up, and improvements.

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【Omnixie Nixie Tube Clock】2018 NEW RELEASE!

5/21/2018 Update: All models are in stock, except model AX. See chart below

To get your clock, you can:

Get a FREE PCB ruler when you place your order with us. (While supplies last!)

They sell really fast! So if you are interested, contact me now!


We are very proud to announce a brand new product line, Omnixie.


  • * the nixie tubes are interchangeable among 6 types of nixie tubes
  • * connect to wifi to keep time accurate all the time.

Nixie Tubes Options:
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IN14 Nixie Clock (NCH-C-IN14A1)

Available for Sale Now (updated Aug 2017)

Fully assembled and tested. (Kit version not available.)


Comparison of QS-18-12 and IN-14

And the unique font face of IN-14 tube:

The PCB board before installing IN-14 tubes

Bottom side of the PCB

Pin definition of GPS plug (3.5mm, same as audio)

QS-18-12 has 12 pins, while IN-14 has 13 pins.

3mm neon lamp as the colon symbol

One neon lamp on top of another, to form the colon.

And more fabulous photos: