NCH8200HV: Our Newly-Designed Nixie High Voltage Power Supply

Many people like our high voltage power supply module, NCH6100HV. Now, we are making it even better, slimmer, thinner, and prettier. Here it is — NCH8200HV, our Newly-Designed Nixie High Voltage Power Supply.

Where to buy

It is available for sale now.
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Buy from eBay (Our store: Omnixie)

The ONLY authorized distributor on eBay:
Omnixie (previously Berkeley eShop)

CAUTION: There are Counterfeit ones on eBay, which can only drive 5mA. DO NOT BUY THOSE!

They even stole our images. So make sure you buy from our store.

Genuine Images

Drive Capability Test

The picture below shows:

* a 250mAh lithium battery,
* driving 10pcs IN-12 Nixie tubes,
* anode voltage=170V
* anode resisters=20KΩ

Test with popular Nixie Tubes



NCH8200HV NIXIE Power Supply Datasheet, in English